The aim of this blog is to remove whatever doubts that may have entered some people’s minds regarding denial of any violence against Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a.) at her home, or against Hazrat Ali (a.s.) at the house of Janabe Fatima Zahra(s.a.).
Authentic references have been provided in the fond hope of a definitive conclusion and the eradication of all doubts Inshallah.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Objection 16 : Did the Messenger of 

Allah (s) possess sonography facility? 


In the same way, this statement of Abu Shawarib Wahabi can be studied in polemical reply in two parts:

Wahabis have considered this as an excellence of Abu Bakr and have no doubt in it.
Pay attention to the following text mentioned in sources approved by Wahabis:
Malik has narrated in Muwattah from Ayesha that she said:
Abu Bakr gifted his orchard having twenty date trees to Ayesha and when his end approached, he said to her: My daughter, by God, nothing after my death that you are having is more valuable to me and nothing is harder for me than your poverty. You have received twenty date trees from me that if from them you raise other trees also it would be for you and today all my properties are there for my successors; that is your two brothers and two sisters. You must distribute them according to the Book of Allah. Ayesha said: Father, I don’t have more than one sister and she is Asma. Who is the other sister? Abu Bakr said: Kharija (my slave girl) is pregnant with another daughter whom I can see.[1]
And also in many other sources, the same matter is mentioned. Now, we put the same question to Abu Shawarib Wahabi: Is Abu Bakr having sonography facility that he has given this information?

Secondly, with regard to some companions, they have narrated that they even spoke to angels and gave information of unseen. Were those companions able to give information of unseen, but the Messenger of Allah (s) could not give information about Mohsin and his martyrdom? Why Wahabis scholars don’t have any objection against the conveying of information of unseen by other companions?

A- For example:
The Holy Prophet (s) said: In the past nations, there were persons who gave information of the unseen and if there is such a person in my Ummah, it is Umar. As if revelation comes to him and the Almighty Allah and the angels speak to him and it is narrated that Abu Bakr said: It came to my mind that the child that Asma was supposed to give birth to would be a daughter and if does not happen, the inspiration would be useless.[2]
Like the report mentioned above there are innumerable reports with same subject matter in authentic books of Ahle Sunnat. For example it is mentioned in Sahih Muslim as follows:
Ayesha has narrated from the Holy Prophet (s) that he said:
In the past nations there were persons who gave information of the unseen and if there is such a person in my Ummah, it is Umar.[3]

B- Story of the call of Umar from Medina and it being heard by Muslim fighters in Fasa Shiraz is a well known story, which is mentioned in numerous books accepted by Wahabis and such is the popularity of this incident that it is also mentioned in books of grammar, but we would quote it from the book of Al-Bidaya wan Nihaya of Ibne Kathir Damishqi Wahabi:
Sariya bin Zaneem went on an expedition to Shiraz and launched an attack, but the soldiers of Fars and Kurd arrayed their ranks against him and a large number of them surrounded the Muslims. That night Umar saw their battle and their number in dream and became apprehensive of their consequences; that what they will do in the wilderness the following day. And there was a mountain in that place that if the Muslims take its support they would only have to be cautious from one side. The following day Umar summoned everyone to the Masjid and spoke to the people and informed them of what he had seen; then he called out to them from that same spot: O Sariya bin Zaneem, the mountain, the mountain. Then he turned to the people and said: The Almighty Allah is having soldiers who might perhaps convey this information to them. Muslims present in that battle did what Umar had said and the Almighty Allah also granted victory to them over the enemies and they conquered that city.[4]
There are many other sources approved and accepted by Wahabis, which contain the text of the same incident.[5]

C. Story of River Nile accepting the order of Umar, which Fakhre Raazi has mentioned in his Tafsir:
It is narrated that during the period of ignorance the flow of River Nile in Egypt used to stop every year once and it did not restart till a beautiful female child was not thrown into it. After the advent of Islam, Amr Aas mentioned this matter to Umar and Umar wrote on a slab: O flow of Nile, if you flow by the power of Allah, continue to flow and if you are flowing with your own power, we are not in need of you. After this slab was thrown into the Nile, it restarted and never stopped again.[6]

D- Story of earthquake in Medina and fear of the whip of Umar, which is mentioned by Fakhre Raazi:
An earthquake started in Medina. Umar hit the earth with his whip and said: O earth, take it easy by the permission of Allah, and the earth fell quiet and after that no earthquake ever occurred in Medina.[7]

E- Story of fire accepting the order of Umar:
There was a fire in some houses of Medina. Umar wrote as follows on a slab: O fire, stop by the command of Allah, and threw in into the fire and the fire was extinguished.[8]

There are many other instances also, which are mentioned in Ahle Sunnat sources among merits of companions and none are objected to. So it is necessary to ask Abu Shawarib Wahabi: Why have you not raised objection against any of them?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Among the Wahabi satellite networks, the most active against Shia, is the most popular of them in the world having broadcasting center in London and named as Al-Mustaqila, which has in recent years, unleashed widespread propaganda against Shia.

This network, before the arrival of ‘Days of Fatima’ in 1386 solar year, for a long time and through widespread propaganda in form of subtitles, day and night, in all their programs, laid great emphasis on this topic. They announced: This year we shall invite a group of religious experts to once and for all prove false the claim of Shia regarding the martyrdom of Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah (s). These claims would be refuted and we will prove that Shia do not even have a single authentic report to prove their stance. In this way we will put an end to the annual Azadari ceremonies during ‘Days of Fatima’.

Some days before announcing its program, this network announced: If from the Shia one can represent them to defend the claim of Shia about the martyrdom of Lady Fatima (s), we welcome him to take part in these programs and arrange debates.

Senior Shia personalities were informed of this, because this network was instigating the religious sentiments of Shia and Sunni and creating differences in Muslim society. Initially they did not pay attention and overlooked the poisonous publicity of this network; but when this network brought a scholar-looking man disguised as a Shia to make false attributions to Shia, it was from this point that some supreme jurists (Maraja Taqlid) and senior personalities of religious seminaries of Qom, including His Eminence, Ayatullah Uzma Makarim Shirazi, decided to depute Ayatullah Dr, Husaini Qazwini to this network and inform its viewers about the true beliefs of Shia and also participate in this debate to neutralize the recent conspiracy of Wahabis in creating controversy between Shia and Sunni and present the traditional reports proving the martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (s) in that program before all the Muslims of the world.

The objections mentioned in that programs with perfect impudence and audacity, regarding the martyrdom of Lady Zahra (s), were in fact not objections, but audacity and insult to the holy being of the Holy Prophet (s). It was nonsensical talk, which came from a Wahabi participant in this debate, named Abu Shawarib from Egypt:

This Mohsin, which Shia say that the Messenger of Allah (s) named as Mohsin and who was martyred during the attack on the house of Fatima. How the Prophet came to know about the birth of this child years before the event and he named him Mohsin? Did anyone inform him about it or that the Prophet was having facility of sonography that he saw this child in the womb and also named him as Mohsin.

Below we present some replies of our respected teacher Ayatullah Dr, Husaini Qazwini, which were set forth in this program: