The aim of this blog is to remove whatever doubts that may have entered some people’s minds regarding denial of any violence against Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a.) at her home, or against Hazrat Ali (a.s.) at the house of Janabe Fatima Zahra(s.a.).
Authentic references have been provided in the fond hope of a definitive conclusion and the eradication of all doubts Inshallah.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Report of Imamul Harmain Juwaini (730 A.H.) about the attack on the house of revelation and martyrdom of Lady Zahra (sa)

Juwaini’s position according to Ahle Sunnat:                                                                    
Dhahabi has mentioned his teacher, Juwaini as follows:
“Juwaini is Imam, leader, extraordinary and perfect traditionist, pride of Islam and an honest and righteous person.
Tadkirah Huffaz, Vol. 4, Pg. 1, No, 1. Teachers of the author of Tadkirah, Abu Abdullah Shamsuddin Muhammad Dhahabi (d. 748 A.H.), Darul Kutub Ilmiya, Beirut, First edition.
In the same way, he says in another place:
He is the Imam of traditional reports and traditions, uniquely perfect, source of pride for Islam, chief of religion, Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Mobad bin Hamya Khorasani Juwaini…according to traditional reports and available books of traditions, he is having much importance. He had a nice voice, elegant face, he is awesome and religious.
Tadkiratul Huffaz, Vol. 4, Pg. 1, No. 24, Abu Abdullah Shamsuddin Muhammad Dhahabi (d. 748 A.H.), Darul Kutub Ilmiya, Beirut, First edition.

Juwaini,  says that the Messenger of Allah (s) remarked:
When I see Fatima (s) I am reminded of the tragedies that are to befall her after my passing away. As if I can see with my own eyes, that disrespect has entered her house, her sanctity is destroyed, her right has been usurped, she is deprived of her inheritance, her side is broken and her unborn son is killed in the womb, she wails: O Muhammada, but no one comes for her rescue…Fatima would be my first family member to join me after being aggrieved and oppressed and after being martyred.[2]
Report of Juwaini proves that the house of Lady Fatima Zahra (s) became the target of attack, her sanctity was trespassed, her rights were usurped and her side was broken and so on…

[2] Faraidus Simtain, Vol. 2, Pg. 345 & 35